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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Daftar Percuma Dapat Cupon RM2

Daftar Percuma Dapat Cupon RM2

( Boleh Beli Barang Dari Web Kami )

Cara Nak Redeem ? Senang saja, cuma dapatkan code coupon yang dihantar kepada email anda dan masukkan kedalam kotak coupon box semasa proses checkout success.

How to Redeem Coupons

When a customer adds something to their cart and proceeds to checkout, they will see a spot to enter a coupon code ... on the Payments page.
Once they fill in the code and press Enter, it will be checked for validity, and if it is valid and not restricted against what's in their cart, a Success message will show on the screen, and their order Total will be adjusted appropriately.

If they wish to remove a coupon, they can enter a different coupon code, or they can type "REMOVE", and press Enter.